Business Opportunities

Mold-Medics of DelMarVa, LLC. offers two types of Business Opportunities

But first a bit about us.

Business Description: Mold-Medics of DelMarVa. LLC. is marketing and distribution company that wholesales, retails, and services a line of organic mold and odor remediation products. Targeted consumers are marketed through our digital online presence as well as through traditional marketing techniques.


Enormous Market Potential:

  • The rate of increase in the U.S. on toxic mold related claims in 2011 were 38%. Many markets are experiencing even greater increases.
  • In 2011, Quest Diagnostics released the results of the largest analysis of allergy test results ever conducted. The study found that in the last four years, the number of patients testing positive for environmental allergies increased by 5.8%. However, the rate of increase for sensitization for mold was twice as high – 12%. From the report: Allergy and asthma go hand-in-hand. Allergy is linked to asthma development in childhood via the allergy march. Allergies are also associated with asthma severity. -Harvey W. Kaufman, M.D., Senior Medical Director Quest Diagnostics, Madison, NJ.
  • International natural disasters (severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes) compound the need for these product.
  • Third world countries are in dire need of this product.
  • Nations with an advanced awareness of the dangers of mold, including Brazil and Australia, buy our products. Pakistan, India, Puerto Rico and Mexico, with teeming urban populations, have expressed interest, as well.
  • While our product has tremendous international potential, domestic marketing trends and needs dictate that the aftermarket home of 6+ years is a primary target market

Our “Business Opportunity” structure is two-fold:

Mold-Medics’ Dealers: We are in the process of building a national chain of dealers whose primary concentration involves the sales and distribution of Mold-Medics’ plant-based, environmentally friendly, organic products used to remove odor, toxic mold, mildew and fungal bacteria. Our products address one of the most serious and dangerous concerns for homeowners, businesses and individuals alike – the increasing presence of toxic mold in our environment.

Additionally, a Dealer may also choose to operate a mold remediation contracting business within his/her exclusive territory.

Mold Medics’ Mold Remediation Contractors: Simultaneously, Mold-Medics is developing a nationwide chain of mold remediation contractors which utilize our products.


In these “Business Opportunity” pages, we have summarized each opportunity, listing benefits and terms of each arrangement. Please contact us directly through our online “Contact Page” or call Don Holler at 410-703-0492 for more specific information, including pricing.