Mold “M” Remover

MOur Product “M” (mold remover) is a completely green, organic mold remediation product which is plant based and enzyme driven. It is dispersed by a do it yourself aerosol fogger that denatures mold in the air, carpets, draperies, as well as every crack and crevice of your home.

Denaturing is at the heart of our Product “M.” It is what sets our product apart from all others.


Bleach wipe downs and demo projects don’t deal with the mold spores that have found their way throughout the property. Those traditional, yet ineffective, remedies only address the cosmetic part of the problem. Removing the visible contamination does not necessarily improve the air quality and overall living environment. There is nothing that bleach, toxic chemical remediation and/or demolition can do about the troublesome mold spores that are at the root of the adverse health problems of the occupants.

Only a product, such as our “M” product, that can be fogged, reaches the microscopic mold spores that have been dispersed about the property in the mold reproductive process. That’s where Mold-Medics’ Product “M” distinguishes itself.



Product “M” is natural, green, environmentally responsible and thus, completely safe for people and pets as it contains no harsh, caustic, toxic ingredients. Bleach, on the other hand, is a very hazardous substance and among the most dangerous things we bring into our homes.
Synthetic Chemical-Based Mold Remediation Products

The old ways of mold remediation, i.e. bleach, use of harsh toxic chemicals and/or demolition, simply do not work. They do not eliminate the real problem, that is, the mold spores distributed throughout the premises. Bleach is dangerous because it merely addresses the cosmetics and causes gross collateral damage. Demolition is inconvenient, messy and expensive. Neither effectively eliminate mold contamination.


Product M, because it is an enzyme-based catalytic, remains on the job long after application (bleach evaporates almost instantly) to provide long-lasting protection from further outbreaks. Testing performed by an independent laboratory, demonstrates that the science behind Product “M” makes it the new standard in treatment of mold contamination. (See our tests on the “Tests Performed” page of this site.)


For years, the knee jerk reaction to mold contamination was to put on old clothes, reach for a bottle of bleach, a pair of rubber gloves, safety goggles and a sponge or rag, and get busy. Remember rotary phones? Transistor radios? As soon as modern science produced better solutions, those things disappeared, and rightfully so.

Product “M” is an advanced catalytic enzyme technology that, through proprietary scientific engineering, overcomes the natural defense mechanisms of troublesome human pathogens. These pathogens have, over time, adapted a resistance to traditional mold remediation products, such as toxic chemicals and bleach. Thus, these methods and products are now relegated to the same scrap heap as the rotary phone and the radio, and for the same reason – something much better has come along.


middle-school-remediation-300x163Mold-Medics’ Aerosol Mold Remediation for Large Spaces

Only enzyme products can be fogged! Only fogging reaches everywhere that air travels. Over, under, around, behind, through – nothing escapes a fogging treatment. Product “M”, with it’s unique combination of natural ingredients and sophisticated molecular engineering, is now available in a do-it-yourself aerosol (fogger). For larger jobs, we remediate with a professional aerosol delivery fogger.

With the safe natural enzymes of our Product “M”, there is neither damage to delicate surfaces, nor any danger to the person applying the product. (Bleach and other toxic remediation products cannot do that, for everything would be ruined.)

The fogger enables the homeowner or property manager to eliminate mold and/or bacteria the same way a professional remediation contractor would fog a contaminated property – with the added bonus of using a product that is completely organic.


Product “M” denatures mold protein into its pre-protein components, amino acids and peptides, completely eliminating all allergenic potential. After treatment with Product “M”, there is nothing left behind to cause discomfort or generate allergenic symptoms in sensitive individuals. A healthy living environment is our end result.


Physical/Chemical Characteristics: Product “M” is a water soluble liquid, opaque in color, with a slight citrus odor. Product “M” is a complex of hydrolyzed proteins and enzymes. All components are natural organic and derived from plants. Active ingredients are GRAS-listed. The preservative system is comprised of FDA and/or CFR-listed components at or below federally mandated levels. Specific identities of these ingredients are considered to be Trade Secrets and are withheld in accordance with provisions 1910.1200 of Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Fire and Explosion Hazard: Non-flammable, no associated hazards.

Hazardous Ingredients: None.

Reactivity: Product “M” is a stable, buffered liquid. Strong oxidizing agents should be avoided. Product “M” contains no oxidizing agents. There are no known decomposition hazards. There are no known conditions to avoid.

Health Hazard Data:

EYE CONTACT: Flush with water for 15 minutes to remove product.
SKIN CONTACT: In case of prolonged contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.
INGESTION: If ingested, emergency first aid: rinse mouth with water; drink up to 8 ounces of water; if stomach discomfort occurs, seek medical advice.

Storage and Cleanup: Product “M” should be stored in a clean, dry place, between 40 degrees and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Spills should be wiped up with cloth or paper towels and the area rinsed with water.

GMP and TQM Quality Program: Product “M” is manufactured to tight specifications using industry accepted GMP procedures. Every batch is tested as part of a rigorous TQM program by an independent laboratory prior to shipping.

Application Instructions and Applicant Preparation: The work area should be well ventilated. Although the product is non-hazardous, the concentrated fog could cause discomfort due to volume; therefore, when applying Product “M”, a full face mask with eye protection and a N95 or P100 particulate filter should be worn. Coveralls and gloves are recommended.