Green Product “O” for Odor

OMost remediation products simply mask odors by covering them up with scenting and heavy chemicals…until now!

Mold-Medics is proud to introduce our Clean, Green “O” line of solutions to all your odor problems. A truly natural, and environmentally responsible product, “O” offers the latest, safest approach to odor remediation. It does not simply cover up odors with perfumes or masking agents – it eliminates them – permanently!

“O” is derived from plant-based enzymes. When introduced to odors via its patented diffusion method, the “O” molecules chemically bond with the odor producing molecules, and prevent those unpleasant smells from permeating the environment. This effect is virtually immediate and dramatic on most types of odor contamination, notably pet smells, smoke, and refuse. Realtors, property managers, hotel and motel owners, used car and rental car dealers, etc. will find “O” to be an invaluable tool in treating and eliminating offensive musty and smoking odors in a single application! Additionally, the product keeps working for months!

Mold-Medics is committed to air-treatment practices that improve air quality by removing odors via a proprietary process that has no negative effect on humans, pets and plant health; requires no evacuation or downtime; and avoids costly demolition.

Testimonial on the odor removing ability of Product “0”.

After years of trying your competitor’s odor removal products we are thrilled to find Mold Medics Beyond Green/Beyond Clean pet and odor removal!!

As a pet and cat lover we struggle with an age defying cat that has struggled with bladder control which is a major challenge for indoor cats! With one application the odor appears to be completely gone and we couldn’t be happier. Trust me, we’ve used it all for 17 years and nothing comes close to the results of your product.

One challenge, we can’t find your product in our local Pet Smart or Pet supply store and have asked them to search for the product with no success. Please, tell me how and where we can go to buy more of the product. Thank you for a great product and we look forward to your reply.

Thank you,

Tim Mallard
Mallard & Associates
PS: Don’t hesitate to use us as a referral, this stuff works


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